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Hi my name is Linda Whitehead and I am the lucky leader and owner of the Pink Buddha brand and our 3 gorgeous age-appropriate programs in Yoga, Mindfulness and Mindset.

I am a mother of 3 amazing children, a business woman and yoga teacher and it’s this combination of roles and experiences that seemed well suited to this awesome brand which is why I took it on in early 2019.

I am leading a group of inspirational women who proudly teach this course to your children - each of them have their own passions and purpose but all have a common goal to help others to navigate this busy world - especially our children.

I am honoured to be the ‘keeper of the keys’ of this amazing brand and program - my hope is that your children come to our classes and learn skills that will one day also be taught in our schools as part of their essential education.


Based on the Mornington Peninsula, I am excited to have joined the Pink Buddha team early in 2019. Yoga and meditation have been a passion of mine for most of my life and I am thrilled to be able to share it with young children. I love to be able to offer tools for coping with every day emotions- something I wish I had as a child.

I have been working with the already established Little Buddha’s program and am also now working with the newly developed Tiny Buddha’s program. I am a firm believer that yoga and meditation can be taught from an early age and it is something that can be incorporated within daily life and carried throughout every stage of life, whenever needed.

I myself have two young children, aged 3 and 8, and have loved educating my family with concepts I have learned throughout this journey.

I look forward to continuing this journey and getting to know your child and family.


I began yoga and meditation over 20 years ago and over the course of time it has become the foundation of my life.

I love teaching people the tools that have worked for me in challenging times, in the hope it may help them through their own life experiences.

I especially like teaching children because it then becomes something they have for the rest of their lives and I have seen it’s impact on my step-children and already on my daughter at the age of only 2.

I try to make yoga and meditation meaningful, accessible and simple so anyone, of any age, can use them - as well as fun.